USA Taps Yap.TV For New Social TV App

Today the USA television network has announced a partnership with Yap.TV to power its mobile social application. Yap.TV is one of the hottest social TV apps on the App Store, offering users the chance to chat up television shows in real time. It’s basically a souped-up Twitter client for TV, and now all the same cool functionality will be available for USA programming.

USA’s Yap.TV-powered app won’t debut until November, but it’ll give owners of the Apple iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad a way to discover USA television shows that they might otherwise be unaware of. Plus, you can tweet with your friends in the app, or with other fans who enjoy the programming your watching.

The app will be integrated with USA’s Character Chatter platform, where viewers can discuss the latest shows and plot twists. The app will also integrate with Facebook, and tap into all the other Character Chatter features including instant polls, custom chat groups, cast photos, show rankings, along with an easy-to-navigate show guide.

As I said before, the new USA social TV app won’t be available until November. But once it does pop up in the App Store, it’ll be a free download.