Twitter Brings Promoted Tweets, Trends & Accounts To Twitter Japan

Following the September launch of Twitter ads in the U.K., Twitter is now bringing its advertising products known as “Promoted Tweets,” “Promoted Trends” and “Promoted Accounts” to its Japanese version of the service According to a post on the official Twitter Japan blog, the rollout began earlier this month.

These same products were introduced over a year ago here in the U.S., and provided advertisers access to Twitter’s global audience. However, at the time, the ads were only open to U.S. advertisers. In September that changed when Twitter brought its Promoted Products to the U.K. And now, it’s doing the same for Japan.

One of the U.K.’s first advertisers was Sky, who used the newly available advertising platform to promote the latest season of Glee. (Sorry about that, U.K.) Unfortunately, the U.K. launch was marred by appearance of spammers, who almost immediately jumped onto the promoted hashtag (#gleeonsky) to tweet out malicious links. Tweets supposedly offering “hot photos” of Hollywood celebs like Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez appeared on the same day that the first Promoted Products went live. Hopefully Japan will be spared from having to deal with the same problem.

According to this early report, Japanese Promoted Trends are 420 yen per day with an average of 12 million impressions per day. (Those number are unconfirmed, however).

In addition, Digital Garage, the company responsible for Twitter operations in Japan since 2008, continues to offer display ads on the site. These ads will remain in place, it’s being reported. That means there’s actually four ways to advertise on Twitter Japan, not three.