Yahoo Wants Us To Blog About Yahoo News, Promises SEO Boost In Return

Oh Yahoo!, you silly ol’ thing! According to an email that just came in from Yahoo’s digital marketing agency Something Massive, the struggling content company (platform company? advertising company?) wants us to talk about, tweet about and Facebook about their Yahoo! News Activity feature, and in return the company is promising lots of links and SEO juice. In case we forgot what Yahoo! News is, they helpfully linked to a TechCrunch post detailing the service’s social upgrade in September.

Well, here you go, Yahoo. You’re welcome. Can you please send over those half a million impressions you promised now? (P.S. By the way, “TechCrunch” is all one word.)

Dear Sarah,

My name is [redacted] and I work for Yahoo!’s digital marketing agency. We’ve been tasked with finding influencers to feature in a campaign around an announcement made at F8 a few weeks ago. We think you’re writing on Tech Crunch is great and that you reach an audience with a natural tendency to share and discover new things with their friends.

The F8 announcement was about a new product from Yahoo and Facebook called Yahoo! News Activity. For the next couple of weeks we will be featuring prominent bloggers as a part of our new “Featured Reader” campaign. We want to be able to show the feature in action by featuring one of your contributors!

Here’s how it works. As a “Featured Reader” in the campaign, you would receive:

-Prominent placement on the Yahoo! News Facebook (1.3+ million fans) including a photo, description, and quote.
-A featured placement for your blog and one blog post in rotation on the Yahoo! News site – the #1 news site on the web –  gaining you approximately 500,000 impressions
-Links back to your site

In exchange, we would ask that you:

-Try out our product, which enables Facebook friends to share and discover articles they read on Yahoo! News
-Talk about your participation as a post on your blog (could also be a badge or a link)
-Tweet and/or post to Facebook about your participation on the day you are a Featured Reader

You can check out the Facebook campaign we launched here: It includes influencers like Andrew Gibbs of The Dieline and Matt Mullenweg who created WordPress.

You can learn more about the feature and read coverage about the announcement here: