What Does The iOS Newsstand Mean For Content Providers? Nomad Editions Gives Us Some Answers

The iOS Newsstand may be annoying to some but to publishers it’s a dream come true. They can place their magazines front and center, ensuring eyeballs on their content and display ads without much fuss. I talked to Mark Edmiston, CEO of Nomad Editions, about their new Newsstand-compatible titles (including Good Dog, an iPad magazine that I presume is about cats) and how placement on the newsstand can make or break an app.

Nomad Editions found that many of their “app-only” titles were lost in the morass of lifestyle apps and were passed over by readers. By placing them front and center, Edmiston believes the numbers can only improve.

He’ll get back to us in a week or so with the verdict, but here’s a quick video interview with him about the move.