Video: Google Unveils Their Brand New Ice Cream Sandwich Statue

It’s that time again, folks: with the next big release of Android looming, another massive statue themed around the release’s code name has gone up at the Googleplex. The latest statue to join their ever-growing army: the gigantic, Android-shaped Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android lead-man Andy Rubin has just posted a video of the unveiling — check it out below.

The description of the video (titled “Calling All Ice Cream Sandwich Lovers”) is nothin’ but a link to the livestream for the rescheduled Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus Prime debut on October 19th.

They’ve done one of these for each of the major releases at this point, from Cupcake, to Donut, all the way through the alphabet to Honeycomb and now Ice Cream Sandwich. They better be careful, or the lawn outside of Building 44 is going to look a terrifyingly crowded bizarro CandyLand before too long.

A shot of the Googleplex collection, albeit without today’s addition or the incredibly awesome manifestation of Honeycomb: