SoundTracking 2.0 For iOS 5 @ Mentions The Artist When You Share A Song

Musical moment sharing app SoundTracking joins eight other featured apps in the Apple App Store today, highlighting its deep iOS 5 Twitter integration alongside those of Instagram and Flipboard.

The new SoundTracking for iOS 5 has the usual suspects in terms of Twitter integration, letting users automatically log in and customize their SoundTracking tweets (like taking out the hashtag #soundtracking for example) using the new and nifty Tweet Sheet feature.!/stevejang/status/124267769335263232

In addition to the basic Twitter for iOS stuff and a streamlined UI (and a “glossy wood soundtrack button”), SoundTracking 2.0 also lets you post songs to a Facebook fan page, which means that the multiple admins of something like a brand’s or an artist’s page can now soundtrack.

What’s more interesting than the new Facebook integration, auth and customization features however, is that SoundTracking 2.0 allows you to follow the artists you listen to on Twitter from within the app — giving you the option to follow @Beyonce for example, after you’ve soundtracked one of her songs. In addition, SoundTracking automatically @ mentions a given artist when a user tweets a soundtrack, if that artist is on Twitter that is.

This feature alone could mean a lot for SoundTracking’s scale, bringing the app, which just surpassed 750K downloads after seven months, into the awareness of musicians with massive Twitter followings like @ladyGaga and @KanyeWest. At the very least the automatic @ mentions are a simple but brilliant way to facilitate a connection between fans and artists.

Schematic Labs co-founder Steve Jang tells me that these deeper integrations are fitting because SoundTracking users can’t seem to get enough of Twitter (the app is currently the most tweeted about musical service, he says).

Jang plans on further expanding SoundTracking’s social features and is looking into other APIs which is exciting — I would love it if Spotify users could listen to an entire song in-app or add songs from SoundTracking to Spotify for further listening down the line.