CyanogenMod 7 Released For The TouchPad, Still In Alpha And Not For The Timid

The TouchPad just got a little more functional. The mad scientists behind CyanogenMod 7 just posted an alpha build of their popular tablet Android 2.3 firmware. But this isn’t for the general public. No, this build is for the diehard modder. The majority of the release note is a warning with talk of potential data loss, bricking and the general nastiness that’s always associated with alpha builds. In fact, the creators chose to note the working items citing that the list of non-working items is much longer. But the major things are present: WiFi, camera, Bluetooth, dual-core support, Netflix, even charging via the Touchstone.

Thankfully you don’t have to risk your precious Touchpad with this early CM7 build. The 8:20 minute video after the jump should give you a taste. I still think you’re all crazy, but see the appeal of owning a tablet without a dead operating system.