The Wopad V7+ Tablet Is All About Angry Birds

If you at all thought that the Angry Birds phenomenon was fizzling out… well, you were wrong. Rovio itself is doing plenty to make the brand “as iconic as Nintendo’s Mario or Mickey Mouse,” with cookbooks and new games and plush toys galore. But even outside of the company, Angry Birds is still a hit. Over in China, the Shenzhen Technology Co. built a tablet specifically for Angry Birds fiends: the Wopad V7+.

The limited edition Angry Birds-themed Wopads actually come in three versions: V7, V8, and V10, each representing screen size. Past that, the innards are all the same, according to McBub.

Try as you might, you won’t find one nook or cranny on this device without some Angry Birds content baked in. It comes with just about every addition of Angry Birds, including Angry Birds Rio, and offers up Angry Birds-themed wallpapers and ringtones, along with other AB-related apps.

The Wopad V7+ touts a 1GHz processor, a five-point 800×480 capacitive touchscreen, Android 2.3, 512MB of RAM with 4GB of internal storage, support for HDMI out, and 1080p video playback. All in all, it seems like the perfect toy for anyone bold enough to call themselves a Mighty Eagle.

This is definitely not an official Rovio product, but we’re still waiting to see whether or not Rovio signed off on the branding. We’ll update you as soon as we know.