Samsung Crashes Australian iPhone Line With $2 Galaxy S IIs

Never let it be said that Samsung doesn’t know how to pull a good publicity stunt. Samsung has set up shop just two doors down from the Sydney Apple Store (and the growing iPhone 4S line) and is selling their flagship Galaxy S II handset for a scant $2.

There is, however, a catch: Samsung is only selling their ridiculously-priced phones to the first ten people through the door each morning. As you can imagine, this has caused quite a few Android fans and bargain hunters to line up in front of the pop-up store in hopes of scoring some excellent hardware on the cheap. Their motives are mixed: aome are in desperate need to upgrade their ailing handsets, while others are looking to sell their GSIIs in order to pick up some much needed cash.

One might imagine that having two diametrically-opposed lines so close to each other could get a bit dicey, but all we’re seeing so far is a bit of friendly ribbing. See? Android users and iPhone fans may be able coexist peacefully after all.

Given Samsung and Apple’s contentious relationship in Australia, it’s not exactly a surprise to see Samsung trying to steal some of Apple’s thunder there. The pop-up store is definitely a hit-and-run sort of operation, as Samsung apparently has no plans to keep the store open after this Friday. Still, credit where credit is due, Samsung has some chutzpah to pull a move like this.