Lenovo Updates Its HTPC Remote, Adds Backlit Keys And Optical Trackpad

The Lenovo Multimedia Remote was an almost instant classic. Finally, HTPC buffs thought, a remote for us. And for the most part, the remote/controller did the job and filled a huge void when it was released in 2009. The company is back with another incarnation. Don’t fret, though. Lenovo didn’t start anew. There are several notable changes that seem all for the better.

Lenovo slightly reworked the keyboard, opting for a backlit version and better looking media playback buttons. The right and left buttons are better defined and for better or worse, an optical trackpad now sits in place of the trackball. Like the previous model, wireless connectivity is handled by a USB receiver operating on a 2.4GHz signal. Two AA batteries power the remote and should provide up to 3 months of battery life.

The whole thing is packaged in the same housing as the previous model. However, gone is the glossy finish that loved fingerprints and is replaced by a pleasant matte finish with a chrome band around the keypad. The new remote should be available later this month for the same $60 price as the old version.