DudaMobile Converts Websites To Mobile Sites, Now Right On Your Mobile Phone

Mobile website builder DudaMobile is really eating its own dog food with the launch of its mobile site for its mobile website builder at m.dudamobile.com. Got that? You can now convert your existing websites into mobile websites right from your mobile device. Farewell, desktop-based Web!

OK, maybe you shouldn’t say your goodbyes just yet, as the mobile builder doesn’t include all the functionality of the desktop-based site builder, unfortunately. But you can do all the basics from the new mobile builder: convert a site, apply different templates and share the site with others. In a few weeks, you’ll also be able to login to the DudaMobile mobile site builder to track your site’s statistics on your phone.

The mobile version is as easy to use as its big brother – you just enter in a URL and tap “make my site mobile.” Other features, including links to plans, news, the company blog, affilates and more are tucked away under a single menu at the top.

Unlike some other site builders, DudaMobile isn’t about setting up a new mobile website from scratch, it’s about converting the site you already have into a mobile format. Once converted, the mobile site stays in sync with the desktop site when changes are made.

As of today, the company says it has now converted over 500,000 sites to mobile. Free and pro plans are available.

No more excuses, folks. Please stop making us navigate your gigantic webpage from our teeny tiny screens.