WildTangent Rolls Out Android Game Rentals For T-Mobile Customers

It’s no surprise that WildTangent and T-Mobile have been working on a way to let Android customers rent apps on the cheap, and today we get to see the fruits of their labor. WildTangent has announced that their Android app has already gone online and is ready to rent to games to the magenta-clad masses.

At time of writing, WildTangent’s game catalog currently offers users access to nearly 40 games from fan-favorite timewasters like Burn The Rope and Doodle Jump to licensed fare like Guitar Hero and Call Of Duty. For better or worse their game selection also includes 10 different slot machine games, so I suppose that’s a win for all you gambling addicts out there.

All transactions are conducted using WildTangent’s proprietary WildCoins currency, with game rentals starting as low as the virtual equivalent of $.25. The rental period lasts 24 hours, which should be plenty of time for even the pickiest of gamers to decide if Fruit Ninja is a worthwhile addition to their collection.

You won’t find the WildTangent application in the Android Market as one may expect. It’s essentially a parallel app store specifically for games, so cheap app lovers will have to go through T-Mobile to get access. Current customers can download the app straight from the T-Mobile Mall, or text ‘GetWild’ to 6255.