After 10 Million Total Mobile Downloads, TripAdvisor Launches 20 City Guide Apps On Android

When it comes to travel apps, it helps to have a brand name like TripAdvisor. The top travel advice website also boasts some of the most popular travel apps across most mobile platforms. Its mobile apps have been downloaded 10 million times, with the bulk of those on the iPhone and iPad (it also supports apps for Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, and even Palm). Its iPhone app is currently the No. 4 travel app in iTunes. And if you include the mobile web, which is about half of its mobile users, TripAdvsor is well above 10 million unique mobile users per month.

Today, TripAdviser is launching 20 new City Guide apps for Android. These are standalone apps, which don’t require a connection to the network. They include maps, restaurants, hotels, and attractions (with ratings and reviews), as well as walking tours. The app was created by the EveryTrail team, which joined via an acquisition in February.

EveryTrail specialized in walking tours, and that is a big part of these apps. It even includes a compass which points you in the direction of your next destination. The 20 cities include London, Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, Rome, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

TripAdvisor is in the process of getting spun off from Expedia. Mobile will be a big part of its growth going forward.