Marketo Debuts Marketing Software For Small Businesses Spark

Marketo, a company that provides an on-demand marketing software that allows businesses to optimize their sales and marketing efforts, is launching a new product today tailored to small businesses. Similar to Marketo’s SaaS for the enterprise, Spark aims to help businesses create revenue via channels like e-mail, lead generation, and optimization of site visits.

Spark helps businesses create everything from email campaigns to other online and social channels, and then tracks the effectiveness of each one from a dashboard. Spark will also measure the impact of each campaign and program in real-time, including email volumes and leads generated, so users can see which campaign is successful and tweak accordingly.

Spark also scores leads to show sales teams where the best opportunities are, and helps sales reps nurture leads. The software includes reusable email templates and the ability to automate triggered and batch email campaigns sent on behalf of specific sales representatives. Spark also tracks all prospect online behavior and company website activity.

Marketo itself has seen success with its marketing software. The company was founded in 2006 and saw 315% growth in 2010, with 1,300-plus customers. Marketo has raised $57 million in funding.

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