Check Out Zynga’s Amazing New Campus

So Facebook’s new Menlo Park office space is pretty snazzy, sure. But check out what Zynga’s done with its newly leased 270,000 square feet at San Francisco’s Townsend and Eighth, because sheesh… (We were there because a bunch of announcements were going down earlier today.)

The space was decorated by Zynga’s “Minister of Cool” Eric McDougal, who led internal Zynga teams focused on integrating unique lighting, interior design and functionality. “We did a lot of things to make it feel like home,” Zynga’s Dani Dudeck told me.

Click through for a laser light tube doorway, retro art displays, both a cartoon and real Mark Pincus, random dog bowls and more. There’s also a YouTube video of all the Zynga employees who were at work today giving Pincus a standing ovation during his talk, below.