Y Combinator Is Now Getting Over One Application Every Minute

Wow. Silicon Valley-based startup incubator Y Combinator is getting just over one application per minute, according to a Tweet from co-founder and partner Paul Graham. Today is the last day for applications for the next Y Combinator class, and clearly founders are in a rush to get their applications in.

Back in August, Graham said that the acceptance rate to Y Combinator is just 3%. But because of an increase in applications, Y Combinator has increased its class sizes of late.

In June, Graham revealed that total value of YC companies is around $3 billion. In total, YCombinator has funded 316 startups including the summer round that just debuted in August. Checkout Graham and fellow Y Combinator partner Harj Taggar’s most recent office hours with startup founders at TechCrunch Disrupt here.