Velocity Micro Gets Competitive, Drops The Price Of The 8-inch T408 Android Tablet To $199

Velocity Micro launched the $240 8-inch T408 Android 2.3 tablet on September 7th. Amazon announced the $199 Kindle Fire two weeks later. But Velocity Micro isn’t going down without a fight. The company just sent over a note indicating that the T408 now costs just $199. It’s no doubt a smart move, but that’s where it should have been priced initially.

Velocity Micro sent over both of their new models and I rather like the small Android 2.2 tab. But they were a tough sell at their initial MSRP price of $240 for the 8-inch and $299 for the 10-inch. These aren’t iPad killers, but rather enthusiast tablets for the Android crowd. They’re cheap and lack the native Google apps. But they’re quick, thin and completely unlocked for all sorts of modding tomfoolery.

A quick Google search shows that retailers including Velocity Micro’s own website apparently didn’t get the memo yet. But the price cut is real. Look for it in the coming days.

An average consumer will still likely opt for the Fire or next-gen Nook Color. That’s fine. This tablet isn’t really for your mom. But if you have a folder of ROMs, XDA-dev set as your homepage, or flame every MG Siegler post, you should take a serious look at the T408. Look for our full review in the coming days.