Team From Twitter Analytics Startup SocialGrapple Heads To Google

Social graph analytics startup SocialGrapple has announced that its team is heading to Google. It’s unclear if this is an IP acquisition or just a talent play, but we’ve reached out to Google for confirmation. Update: Google has confirmed that founder Andrey Petrov is joining the company, so it appears that this is just a talent acquisition.

Founded by a Y Combinator alum Petrov, SocialGrapple gives you visual insights, interactive charts, and email reports from social data on Twitter. It allows you to monitor followers, compare types of followers between accounts and more. The service also to see the change in number of tweets, followers, and who is following you.

SocialGrapple also includes monitors brand mentions in the Twitter ecosystem. The service will archiving every tweet matching a specific keyword and will visualize this growth in volume of mentions, as well as tracking unique users who mention a keyword.

Here’s a neat example of what SocialGrapple can do. It’s unclear what the SocialGrapple team will be working on at Google, but perhaps they’ll be working on a Google+ analytics product in the future?

We’ll update the post when we hear back from Google.