Cloud services provider Six Degrees Group launches with £60 million in funding

British entrepreneur Alastair Mills, who recently sold his latest venture, SpiriTel, to communications giant Daisy for £37 million, is at it again.

Mills is today debuting his new company, Six Degrees Group, and has announced that private equity firm Penta Capital (who also backed SpiritTel) has agreed to invest £60 million in the business.

Six Degrees Group is launching today with almost 100 staff and already serving over 1,200 business customers.

According to various reports, Mills has acquired four – and soon five – companies to form the foundation of the new group.

Six Degrees Group will deliver managed data services to British businesses. The company says it has already developed a cloud-based voice business continuity and disaster recovery solution (called Livenumber) and that it will be expanding its core network and datacentre assets to improve its reach and capabilities.

Today, the company also announced the opening of its newest datacentre, purpose-built for offering ‘enterprise-grade’ cloud services.

In Mills’ words:

“In January, I sat down with a clean sheet of paper to think about where I should next look to build a business. Cloud-centric convergence is the most exciting growth area in the market so we made that our focus.

Nine months later, we’ve raised £60m in funding, one of the largest fundraises in the sector, and we’ve got nearly 100 people, we’re growing at over 20 percent year-on-year, and we’re solving real business challenges.”

To be continued, no doubt.