Sam Lessin Pitches The Facebook Timeline

Because Facebook Timeline is rolling out to the public in the coming weeks, Facebook brought in press last week to do a “deep dive” on this new visual way of organizing our online social lives.

Because I (surprisingly) fit the “press” designation I sat down with the person primarily responsible for the Facebook Timeline, Facebook Product Manager and co-founder Sam Lessin, as well as Facebook’s Michael Kirkland last week.

We went through every possible question I had about Timeline, except for maybe, “Why doesn’t Facebook think people will be hesitant to express negative events, like the death of a family member, on Facebook Timeline?.” (I honestly didn’t think about it at the time, but I think the answer would probably be that eventually we’ll get used to expressing all milestones, whether negative or positive, through social media.)

Because I find this kind of stuff fascinating, here is the entire interview above. And, because we posted “Don Draper Pitches The Facebook Timeline” earlier, I felt that it was only fair to give Lessin the same level of coverage or at least headline marquee space. Tout à l’heure.