Want To See The Next Version Of Android? A Bevy Of Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaks

Oh, what’s that Google/Samsung? You’ve canceled next week’s Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus Prime event? That’s cool. I mean, sure: pretty much all of the tech press has non-refundable plane tickets and hotel rooms already… but hey: at least we all get to work from San Diego for a few days now!

Regardless, most of what they would’ve announced is leaking out now anyway. The latest leak to spring up: a series of beautiful screenshots capturing Ice Cream Sandwich in full detail.

As you might’ve expected from the constant chatter that Ice Cream Sandwich would bring the overhauled look and feel of Honeycomb’s tablet interface to phones, Ice Cream Sandwich… looks like Honeycomb running on a smaller screen. And it looks crazy beautiful.

What do you think? Do you prefer the original, vanilla Android, or the new, Tron-tastic look of ICS?