Biz Stone “Pressed The Wrong Button” On Votizen, Tweet Spams People He Follows With Mayor Endorsement

Apparently testing out social media-enabled voter awareness app Votizen, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has just sent out a litany of tweets to people he follows, endorsing SF candidate Ed Lee for Mayor; “Will you endorse @EdLeeforMayor for Mayor on @Votizen,” like that times 30.

While Twitter representative Sean Garrett tweeted that Biz “press[ing] the wrong button” was responsible for the spam, I haven’t been able to replicate the effect on Votizen, which appears to be super buggy this morning. Wherever that darned button is, I can’t find it.

Of course the spam led to a barrage of ┬án00b jokes from techies, the most notable being from a tweet former Twitter VP of product and Obvious Corp co-founder Jason Goldman, “It would be awesome if @biz knew how to use @twitter better.”

Some of the best, besides Goldman’s, below:!/marshallk/status/122368133871841280!/om/status/122372560418648064!/digiphile/status/122373034249175041!/alexia/status/122370383197376513!/SG/status/122371353444753409!/anildash/status/122375349278490624