Minecraft Pocket Edition Plays Nice With More Android Phones

Welp, I suppose it’s about time to kiss my weekend goodbye. It was a bumpy ride there for a while, but Minecraft Pocket Edition has finally gone live in the Android Market with support for (nearly) all devices.

That’s right, you no longer need to have an Xperia Play to partake in a rousing session of world-building. Any Android device running 2.1 or later is welcome to join the fun, but only after you shell out the requisite $6.99

True Minecraft addicts have already whipped out their wallets, but keep this in mind before you buy. This is Minecraft Pocket Edition — it plays more like the creative Classic mode rather than the fan-favorite Survival mode. That means no zombies, no creepers, and no harvesting blocks. Instead, you’ve got an infinite amount of materials to bring to life whatever crazy, horrifying things are bouncing around in your heads right now.

If you’re new to Minecraft, and want to see what all the fuss is about, there’s also a free demo version to mess around with. Fair warning: it’s pretty addictive, so I hope you’re not in desperate need of $7.

On a very personal sidenote, I’d like to thank the game’s developers for having the foresight to release it on a Friday afternoon. Any earlier than that, and who knows what would’ve happened to people’s productivity?