The Ultimate Fanboy Mashup: Apple’s Siri Meets Portal’s GLaDOS

Oh, be still my beating heart.

Boiling down two fanboy-filled worlds into an amalgamation of concentrated glory, a guy evil genius named Jeff Heimbuch has mashed up the demo video of Apple’s new virtual assistant Siri with the voice of Portal’s malevolent machine mistress, GLaDOS.

Comments about the meaningless of one’s activities? Check. Weight insults? Check. The only thing missing is the false promise of cake and a controversial crack about whether or not the end-user is an orphan. (Oh, and for those unfamiliar with the Portal world: yes, she’s this mean to everyone.)

Sadly, such a mashup lives on only in cleverly edited videos (and that special place my consciousness goes to after I’ve drifted off to sleep) for now. While customizable voices are undoubtedly on every iPhone 4S buyer’s Nerdgasm trigger list, it’d be markedly un-Apple-like for Apple to implement any time soon (not to mention incredibly formidable to implement at all, given the complexity of Siri’s speech engine.) Some day!