CEATEC 2011: Panasonic’s Shampoo Robot Up Close And Personal (Videos)

Panasonic took the wraps off a new version of it’s super-strange (and awesome) hair-washing robot at the CEATEC 2011 tech exhibition that currently takes place in Japan (the first version is about one year old). The robot handles the entire process of hair washing autonomously: wetting, shampooing, conditioning and drying.

The new version washes your hair with a total of 24 (instead of just 16) fingers. Panasonic also says they improved the scanning system (the robot scans the head’s shape before it does its magic), allowing for a better “experience”. The old model also lacked the conditioning and drying functions.

Users can get their data (preferred washing method, shape of the head) stored to save time when getting their hair washed next time.

These videos show Panasonic’s robot in action (at CEATEC 2011):


Via Robonable [JP]