Atlassian Buys Mac Client For Git And Mercurial SourceTree

Last year, product development software company Atlassian raises a whopping $60 million in new funding, some of which was to be be put towards M&A. The company bought, a hosted service for code collaboration last year. And today, Atlassian is buying SourceTree, a popular client for Git and Mercurial distributed version control systems (DVCS) as well as Subversion source control. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Atlassian’s software development and collaboration tools to help teams conceive, plan, build and launch products. Products include JIRA (issue tracker), Confluence (content collaboration) and BitBucket. The company’s offerings are used by 26,000 customers around the world, including Facebook, Zynga, Cisco, and Adobe.

SourceTree helps manage repositories from Git and Mercurial DVCS systems. As Atlassian explains, the client strips away the complexity of distributed version control systems and makes it actually usable.

So why did Atlassian buy SourceTree? Atlassian says that the client will expand on their current Git and Mercurial offerings. With the recent announcement of Git support in Bitbucket, the acquisition gives users a desktop client to work with any Git or Mercurial repositories. So developers can host their source in Bitbucket or any other hosting tool and then manage that source in SourceTree.

SourceTree, which is available both on the Mac App Store since and via direct download from the SourceTree website, is prices at $59.99 per license. Following the acquisition, Atlassian is making SourceTree free for a limited time. The company made a similar move when it acquired BitBucket.

Atlassian’s President Jay Simons says that Atlassian will be making more acquisitions in the near future, so stay tuned.