New Garmin GPS Watch Has Shed Its Girth

It’s interesting to chart the size and shape of fitness watches over the years. The first Garmins looked like protein bars melted to your wrist by this new one, the Forerunner 910XT, looks as svelte and lithe as the marathoners who will probably wear it. The 910XT costs about $400 and will be available next week.

The new model supports Garmin’s Connect online service as well as their clever Virtual Racer feature that pits you against a ghost runner. It’s good for swimming, biking (with the appropriate add-ons), and running. Optional bike mounts allow you to slap it to your handlebars and then take it off when it’s time to swim.

The 910X adds vibration alerts for hands and ear-free operation. Sadly it looks like you’ve got limited battery life on this thing – about 20 hours – so you’ll need to charge it on long trips.

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