Keen On… Why We Are All Going to Live to 100 Years Old (TCTV)

Futurist Sonia Arrison says that we are all going to live to at least a hundred years old this century. In her provocative new book 100 Plus, Arrison argues that this technological revolution will change everything from careers and relationships to family and faith.

This is a revolution about hacking into the body, Arrison told me last week when she came into the San Francisco TechCrunchTV studio. “Biology,” she explained, “has become an engineering project”. The new code is ourselves, she told me. We are, therefore, inventing technology that will enable us to design our own body parts and tweak ourselves so that we can live to a 100 or 150 years-old.

The consequences of this revolution are profound, Arrison told me. From “sunset clauses” on marriages to working longer to engineering our own organs to perpetually youthful skin to 150 year-old men marrying 20 year-old women, it is going to change everything.

Are you ready to live to 100 +?