Google’s New ‘Our Mobile Planet’ Free Tool Offers A Deep Dive On Smartphone Analysis And Data

Google is rolling out a new data and analysis tool, called Our Mobile Planet, which gives anyone access to data and research on smartphone usage. The site features an interactive tool that anyone can use to create custom charts from data from the Google’s “Global Mobile Research: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer” report conducted earlier this year (you can read more about the data here). OurMobilePlanet provides deep dives into consumer search, video, social and email behavior, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions.

You can choose from the type of smartphone data you want view, including penetration of consumer adoption of smartphones, behavior (why and how consumers are using these devices), activities (what consumers are doing on smartphones), commerce (purchasing behavior on smartphones) and advertising (consumer engagement with mobile advertising).

Each of these data sets has subsets so you can really drill down on specific research. For example, under commerce, you can choose mobile commerce, research and purchase by vertical and statements. Under each of those, you can choose a number of data points including purchases by type of payment, NFC, etc.

You can then select to filter the data by country, and Google offers data from 30 different countries worldwide. You can add other filters to the chart such as age, gender and mobile internet usage. And you can export the chart into a JPG, CSV or XLS file.

Clearly the platform provides a massive amount of data, and you can get information as simple as smartphone penetration in a certain country to more in-depth analysis like how many consumers in the country visit a store after doing a local search on their smartphone.

Google says this is the first time a study this extensive has been made available for free. And obviously anyone can use Our Mobile Planet.