Sans European Office, Foursquare Hires Its First European Employee

While it doesn’t have any sort of valid office in Europe, Foursquare does have its first European employee. Yes, Foursquare has hired the London-based Omid Ashtari as Director of Business Development. Woo hoo!

Before the Foursquare opportunity knocked, Ashtari attended the University of Working At Google, where he spent seven years plugging away in sales and business development roles — migrating between Dublin, San Francisco and London.

According to Foursquare representative Erin Gleason, the location-based check-in app has seen over 600% growth in Europe, with over five million places represented on the continent.

Omid’s primary responsibilities revolve around facilitating valuable media, brand and large retailer partnerships. Gleason tells me that Foursquare has no current plans to hire more international employees or open up any additional office space.

Wow, that sounds so lonely. Hang in there Omid.