Toshiba Releases 3 New Camileo Camcorders In Time For The Holidays

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Toshiba has announced today that three of their new Camileo camcorders will be hitting store shelves this month. There are a handful of features that all three cameras share: they all for example sport a swivelling 3-inch LCD touchscreen, on-screen video trimming, and the traditional barrel design.

Those aren’t the only similarities you’ll see here. The Camileo X400 and X416 are almost twins, as instanced by their near-identical bodies and spec sheets. They both pack a 23x optical zoom lens, electronic image stabilzation, and an external hotshoe for microphones. Oh, lest I forget, they also both shoot in 1080p. Really, the only thing that these don’t have in common are their storage options.

While both versions can take full-size SD cards, the X416 also comes with 16 GB of onboard storage. That’s about 3 hours of 1080p HD video, if you’re the type to keep track. The X400 will set you back $279, while the X416’s memory bump gives it a $319 pricetag.

The X200 is meant to be the wallet-friendly model here, and it shows. It also shoots in 1080p, but it sports a much smaller 12x optical zoom lens, and a smattering of artsy shooting modes. Want to shoot in black and white? No problem. Want to capture a flower blooming because it’s a metaphor for your life? Just fire up time-lapse mode. The wallet-friendly X200 will retail for $229.

If these new camcorders have somehow struck your fancy, they’re already up for sale on Otherwise, feel free to wait until they hit store shelves on October 10.