Tim Cook: The iPad Is The Undisputed Best-Selling Tablet In the World

Tim Cook took to the stage today and proudly talked up the iPad’s success. Per his opening remarks, every state in the US has schools either deploying or testing the iPad. This also holds true for 80% of the top hospitals in the US and 92% of the Fortune 500 companies. But Tim wasn’t done with the killer stats.

The iPad is the “undisputed” tablet in the world and 3/4 of all tablets sold are iPads, Tim said. He went on to say that “everybody and their brother” is trying to compete. The iPad is just 18 months old and Apple already has a commanding chunk of the tablet marketshare. Their stats prove it: Apple has effectively won the tablet war.

The iPad’s success helped iOS devices hit a major milestone. Apple has sold (read: not just shipped) 250 million iOS devices since the original iPhone in 2007.

Part of this success comes from the 500,000 iOS apps with 140k available just for the iPad. New today is an official iPhone and iPad app called Cards that allows users to create and mail cards right from their iOS device. Create on the iPad and it’s printed on 100% cotton paper and mailed through USPS.