Tim Cook: iPhone Has 5% Of Mobile Phone Marketshare Worldwide, “An Enormous Opportunity”

“Let’s talk iPhone” reads the banner above today’s iPhone event in Cupertino. Newly minted CEO Tim Cook glossed over some pretty impressive iPhone statistics in introductory overview on the phone, namely that the iPhone 4 has sold one half of total iPhones sold since it was introduced late last June.

“The iPhone has 5% share of the worldwide market of handsets,” Cook revealed. “I could have shown the bigger smartphone numbers. But we believe over time all handsets become smartphones.” Emphasizing that the mobile phone market is 1.5 billion units annually Cook noted, “An enormous opportunity for Apple.”

Cook went on to state that 93% of Fortune 500 companies are testing the iPhone on an enterprise level and that it ranks first in customer satisfaction among smartphones, according to JD Power and Associates. “The iPhone is pummeling the competition,” he said, emphasizing that there was more coming on the iPhone later in the talk, obviously.

As Cook began the announcement emphasizing the Chinese Apple Store foot traffic, namely 100K visitors on opening weekend in Shanghai, (“six stores in China now — we will do more!”) it’s worth noting that the burgeoning Asian smartphone market is opportunity enough.