Could This Be The Nexus Prime?

Oh, look! What do we have here? A tiny glimpse at what is arguably the hottest Android phone of the year, the Nexus Prime? Leaking in such a way that doesn’t really reveal much, while simultaneously showing off one of the device’s greatest specs (the wonderfully high resolution screen) and teasing the phone’s overall design? On the morning preceding the announcement of the next iPhone? What a crazy coincidence! (Note: italics used for lack of any superior indication of sarcasm.)

Still, obviously planned “leaks” aside: drool.

The guys at GSMArena nabbed the shot, seemingly showing the edge of the Prime while the device sits in a debug readout mode.

Things to note in the picture:

  • Rumors have pinned the display on the Nexus Prime as being “720p”. This photo suggests that the resolution is actually 1184×720 (whereas true 720p is generally 1280×720) — but that’s presumably because it’s not properly counting the pixels used by the software buttons below and the status bar at the top.
  • It also suggests that the Nexus Prime’s display will come in at 320 dpi (dots per inch), putting it just ever-so-slightly below the iPhone 4’s 326 dpi retina display.
  • Rumors have previously suggested that the Prime would have an almost comically huge 4.6″ display. Assuming that the resolution actually is 1280×720 and the onscreen DPI counter is correct, the math for that works out. A 4.6″ display running at 1280×720 would have a DPI of just over 319
  • On screen software buttons!

Real? Fake? Given the almost-too-good timing and the convenient framing of the image, I’d bet the bank, the farm, and the pigs on the former. Either way, we’ll find out the Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich on October 11th.