Mobile Ad Spending In The U.S. Expected To Grow 65 Percent In 2011 To $1.2 Billion

Spending on mobile ads is expected to reach $1.23 billion this year, according to a revised estimate from eMarketer, which represents a 65 percent increase from 2010. The estimate is slightly up from the $1.1 billion number eMarketer put out a year ago.

The estimates for future years out are also up. They are as follows:

Mobile ad spending

2010: $743 million
2011: $1.2 billion
2012: $1.8 billion
2013: $2.5 billion
2014: $3.4 billion
2015: $4.4 billion

These numbers include display, search, text ads, and even video ads (which are the fastest growing mobile ad unit). Mobile video ads are expected to generate $57.6 million this year, and grow at a 69 percent compound annual rate through 2015, when they are estimated to reach $395.6 million. Next year, mobile display and mobile search will be about even thanks to the growth in app advertising. Each will represent almost $600 million in ad spending in 2012.