Lightbank Backs All-In-One Cloud Services Aggregator Cloudbot

Cloudbot, the developers of a mobile and web app that aggregates users’ online presence into a single interface, has raised new funding from Lightbank. We heard the total round is just under $1 million. Draper Associates and Hyde Park Angels also participated in the round.

Cloudbot helps manage any cloud-based profiles, contacts, applications and activities that users maintain across the web. The application specifically brings together services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and more into a single user interface. Its universal address book and integrated social connections, makes it easy to call, email, send a Facebook or LinkedIn message, post a Tweet, share a document via DropBox or GoogleDocs, schedule a meeting, and more.

The startup, which is part of AngelPad’s incubator, aims to be one app (both mobile and web) that allows you to manage and interact with many other apps and services.

So you can enter in “call Sam” and it will call the friend’s name you entered. Or you might enter “gram Sam” and it will show you the Instagram photos from that person. If you type “eat with Sam”, the app will look at your location and the location for Sam and find a good place near both of you. In total, Cloudbot is integrated with 24 apps/services.