Heads Up, Students – Group Commerce Now Powers ‘Chegg Deals’

Exclusive – Students throughout the United States, rejoice, for Chegg is entering the daily deal space with Chegg Deals, courtesy of white-label group buying platform company Group Commerce.

The two companies have partnered to provide students nationwide discounts on everything from dorm room essentials to local restaurants, as well as textbooks and other educational resources.

The program, initially launched in Tempe, Miami, Atlanta, and New York, will be expanded to offer targeted deals to students nationwide in the future, the companies said in a joint statement.

Says Jonty Kelt, CEO of Group Commerce:

“With over $200 billion spent yearly by students, we believe this is a massively underserved population – and one that Chegg knows incredibly well.”

Chegg says it has already struck partnerships with brands like Capitol One, Dr. Pepper, MTV, Livescribe and Microsoft.

It does sound like a good idea. Thanks to the deal with Group Commerce, Chegg doesn’t need to build their own group buying platform but can leverage its brand for a niche daily deal site all the same. Furthermore, students are ideally suited to take advantage of group purchases.

According to Chegg, there are currently 16 million university students in America, and another 15 million high school students.