Forstall Intros New And Improved iOS Apps: Cards, iMessage, And More

While everyone’s likely tuning in to catch a glimpse of the new iPhone, Scott Forstall just taken the stage to talk about some of the cool new apps that Apple has rolling out shortly.

First on the list is Cards, which allows users to “create and mail beautiful cards” directly form the iOS device of your choice. From what we’ve seen of the interface, it’s slick-looking and easy to use — typical Apple. Once created, Apple will print the cards on 100% cotton paper, slap some Apple-designed postage on it and mail it. The best part? You’ll receive a push notification from the USPS up delivery. It’ll run $2.99 for cards shipped in the US, and $4.99 for international users. Expect it to go live on October 12.

Next up are a few that have already been making the rounds: iMessages and Reminders. iMesssage is of course the iOS-to-iOS answer take on messaging that some are claiming will greatly reduce reliance on standard text messaging. Messages sent will push to all associated devices, which allows users to pick up where they left off at any time. Reminders does exactly what it sounds like, but with added twists like geo-fencing, which triggers certain reminders at certain locations. No more forgetting to buy milk when you’re close to the grocery store!

Safari’s iOS version has also got a bit of a feature bump: it now has Reader functionality, which strips out the content on a webpage and reformats it for easier reader. Super useful on the desktop, probably even moreso on mobile devices.

The stock Camera app also benefits from a few tweaks, like on-device editing. Users can now perform basic tricks like cropping photos and reducing red-eye on the fly. Sure, it’s no Photoshop Touch, but it’s a welcome addition nevertheless.


Thanks to our sister site Engadget for the images!