Keen On… Why Women Excel in Social Media (TCTV)

It had to happen. Social media has, so to speak, been genderized. New on this week’s best-selling non-fiction list is Vickie Milazzo’s Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, a self-help book for females which, in part, argues that women use social media more effectively than men.

As Vickie Milazzo told me when we Skyped late last week, women “excel at relationship building” because they “pretty much manage everything” in the household. In contrast with men – who tend, she says, to see collaboration as a weakness – women are natural relationship builders who thus naturally excel at social media. And that’s because, Milazzo explained to me, women use both sides of their brains while men only use one side of theirs.

As a man who doesn’t excel in relationship building and who rarely uses either side of his brain, I have to confess that I’m sympathetic to Milazzo’s argument. But I suspect that not all TechCrunchTV viewers will be equally open-minded. So, is Vickie Milazzo right – are women hardwired to use social media more effectively than men?