Sean Parker Is Now On Twitter: “Sorry Zuck”

Sean Parker is getting a lot louder.

You’ve been hearing about him for a decade now — cofounder of Napster and Plaxo, founding President of Facebook, and most recently as an investor (and advocate) of Spotify. And he hasn’t pulled any punches during his conference appearances or interviews, either.

But now it looks like we’re going to be hearing directly from him on a much more regular basis: Parker just launched a Twitter account.

His first tweet, which you can see above, doesn’t need much in the way of an explanation (Scott Braun is a talent manager, who’s actually previously spoken at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC).

Zuckerberg probably won’t be getting too upset. Parker has recently posted some lengthy posts on his Facebook Page, for one (he’s up to 30,651 subscribers as of this writing). And Parker was responsible for giving Zuckerberg long-term control over Facebook using a novel equity structure. Something tells me they’re still on okay terms.

Obviously Parker’s tweet is part of a larger strategy (he’s also reportedly working on a blog). My hunch is that he’s eager to share his thoughts through channels that aren’t filtered by the press (as they are with media interviews).

Or maybe his agent just told him to.