ReTargeter Launches New Solution To Let Brands Boost Their Conversions Via Social Media

For those unfamiliar with ad retargeting, it’s helpful to think of the mall scene from Minority Report, in which personalized advertisements follow John Anderton around as he walks. In this scifi scene, the targeting happens via retinal scan, but in 2011, luckily Big Brother has not quite taken over. Retargeting in online advertising today allows businesses to show ads to visitors who leave their websites without conversion — generally by way of cookie tracking.

It’s a bit creepy, as brand-vertisements can seem to follow us around the Web as we surf, as retargeted ads are basically displayed to people who have shown at least some idle interest in engaging with the advertiser’s brand, but have yet to turn themselves into a juicy conversion. (The majority of web traffic, by the way.)

Retargeter, which, at has landed one of the best domains in the space, allows companies to serve their ads to their audience after they leave their website without converting. It works to provide a simple retargeting solution that enables businesses to place one line of code on their websites and begin serving their ads to would-be customers across sites like Yahoo, YouTube, and the New York Times.

And today the company is looking to expand its offerings beyond the typical retargeting solutions by giving companies further access to that much-coveted feature: Social. Launching ReTargeter Social today, the company is combining three of its retargeting products (RTInfluencer, RTDiscover, and RTInteractive) into one solution to allow brands to target their most zealous online advocates, increase their network reach via social media, and increase conversions by “up to 50 percent”, as targeted social users are “4 times more likely to click on shared links”, according to ReTargeter CEO Arjun Dev Arora (who was formerly head of Business Development of Yahoo! Real Estate).

Like traditional retargeting, ReTargeter Social serves ads to a brand’s audience after they’ve engaged without converting, yet in this case users are targeted via direct visits, Twitter feeds, Facebook, and other social marketing vehicles.

The social retargeting solution essentially allows brands to encourage and reward social influencers in any industry, as well as identify, reach and retarget to those top social influencers. This happens either through advanced targeting capabilities of on-site segmentation with the engagement that
your brand receives from social-sharing, or via an algorithm that indexes top Twitter users within their industry, for example. Plus, using a combination of email and display advertising, brands are then able to reach these influencers with unique ads and make sure they’re delivered across the entire network.

ReTargeter’s social solution also allows marketers to replace static ads with and interactive ad experience, sharing their latest articles, videos, polls, customer forms, and realtime feeds from a blog, Twitter, or their Facebook account.

This added social functionality beefs up the startup’s existing social feature set, which includes the ability to “like” a brand and engage with them continuously on Facebook (which author Tim Ferriss, the “The 4-Hour Work Week”-guy used to increase “likes” on Facebook), as well as ReFollower, which retargets with your Twitter feed, among others — allowing brands not only to enhance retargeting or direct buys through social channels, but also based on demographic, geographic region, and context.

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