PolitiFact Launches News Service To Bring Its Fact-Checking To Print

Florida-based news outlet the St. Petersburg Times is launching the PolitiFact News Service today, a new venture that brings the Pulitzer-prize winning political database to newspaper publishers. Subscribers will have access to candidate report cards, the Truth-O-Meter, fact-checking, and updates and scorecards from the Obameter and GOP Pledge-O-Meter, which track the campaign promises of President Barack Obama and Republican leaders, respectively.

According to Neil Brown, Times editor, the news service launch came at the request of editors from around the country. “We heard from many editors who love the Truth-O-Meter and would like to use it in their papers,” he said.

For those unfamiliar with PolitiFact jargon, the Truth-O-Meter provides fact-checking and report cards on the presidential candidates, pundits and members of Congress.

In addition to the above features, newspapers will also be able to syndicate articles that explore trends from the PolitiFact fact-checking findings.

PolitiFact, which launched in 2007 to fact-check the presidential campaign, has expanded into a full-featured web and mobile service in the years since, providing details about politicians and now, even talk shows hosts who discuss political matters. It notably won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2009.

Syndication rates for newly-launched news service are not provided at this time, but the paper says that the lowest rates will be available prior to January 1st, 2012.