In Australia, Samsung Offers Apple A Deal Over Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban

Last we heard of settlement talks between Apple and Samsung was in June, and you can tell from recent events that those talks probably didn’t end well.

Today in Australia, however, Samsung’s lawyers have reportedly extended an olive branch, hoping to end delays of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch in the Aussie market. If Apple accepts the terms of the agreement, we could see the GalTab 10.1 on Australian shelves by next week, said Samsung attorney David Catterns.

If on the other hand the two tech beasts can’t reach an agreement, the final hearing for the tablet’s permanent injunction could take quite a while, delaying the Galaxy Tab 10.1 even longer. Terms of the agreement haven’t been detailed publicly, but you can bet that Apple will benefit, reports the Wall Street Journal. Steven Burley, Apple’s lead counsel, explained that “[Samsung’s] inconvenience would be diminished and [Apple] would be comforted” should the deal go forward.

“Comforted” is an interesting word. It not only connotes monetary settlement, but also the idea that Samsung and Apple have reached some sort of understanding over the way their patents and products intersect. Maybe that’s just my hope, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Judge Annabelle Bennett, who has ruled over the entire case in Australia, mentioned that this deal wouldn’t offer Samsung an absolute close to the case. It will, however, allow Samsung to offer up the GalTab to the Holiday masses (should Apple accept the proposition).