Appsfire To Amazon: Your Kindle Fire Logo Looks Mighty Familiar

Hey Amazon, Appsfire wants to have a chat about your logo for the Kindle Fire, that interesting, affordable tablet you announced a few days ago. They’re upset because it looks a lot like theirs.

Writes Appsfire co-founder Ouriel Ohayon:

So, ok. We’re a small startup with “only” 3 million users and some PR coverage all around the world. But we still feel that something is wrong there. From the font type to the colour code and even clear/dark backrground combination..

Believe us… we really don’t have the time to mess around with minor issues -we’re too busy right now- but we love our logo and we want it to be unique enough.

He also suggests Amazon may have learned about Appsfire when they wrote a post criticizing their Android Appstore.

Sure, the logos do look familiar, but in my mind it doesn’t feel like the kind of trap a company like Amazon would walk into, eyes wide open. I’m calling coincidence.

What’s your take?