The Best (Fake) iPhone 5 Video Yet

Really? Could this video really show the iPhone 5? Probably not. The video’s authenticity is tipped by several subtle clues. But the video is still worth watching. The creator clearly knows his way around video editing software and deserves major props for this timely video. It’s good and I want it to be real.

The hints are subtle and a few could be just artifacts of the low-quality recording. For instance, the size of bezel on either side of the screen seems to slightly shrink and grow throughout the video. The user’s finger placement is also relative to the iPhone 4’s smaller 3.5-inch screen. He seems to unlock the phone and launch apps by using a screen smaller than what’s shown in the video. Finally, as GSMarena notes, the dates on the home screen and lock screen do not match and the game starts prior to the user hitting the screen. So yeah, the video is clearly not real.

Or the video could just be an attempt to hype the game: ECA Rock(s) Rider.

Apple is set to announce the next iPhone this coming Tuesday and edge-to-edge glass is one of the major rumors concerning the next release. Most other rumors point to a completely redesigned casing as well, but as shown in this fake video, a larger screen is completely possible in the current iPhone frame. And it looks great, too.