Video: Simple Personal Assistant Robot Follows You, Carries Stuff For You

We covered quite a few personal assistant robots from Japan in the past, but none of them were labeled as “personal porters”. But now Professor Gen Endo from the Tokyo Institute of Technology has built a unique prototype of a robot that follows the owner around and can carry stuff for them, too.

Owners simply pull the robot with the help of a cord, and the self-propelled, battery-powered robot follows them everywhere. Thanks to a set of 4 wheels (and much like a space exploration rover), the robot can overcome most obstacles in a pedestrian environment. In its current form, the little guy can run for 2,5 hours (5km) on a single charge.

Professor Endo says a more refined version could one day help the elderly or people having to rely on oxygen therapy (see above).

This video, shot by Diginfo TV in Tokyo, provides more insight: