This Is Facebook’s Project Spartan [Screenshots]

This Facebook mobile developers page is pretty interesting, first of all because it starts with a statistic, “350 million users access Facebook from a mobile device every month,” which was just released and then because it describes Facebook mobile web app features and includes screenshots that are unlike anything we’ve seen live.

From what I can tell from the screenshots, the app’s core components, icons for Bookmarks, Messages, Notifications, and Friend Requests, seem to match the screenshots of Project Spartan that we posted¬†earlier this summer.¬†As we’ve written in the past, Project Spartan is the HTML5-based mobile application platform that Facebook has been working on with 3rd party developers for a while now.

The text copy of this super-up-to-date page — like from the future — describes a Facebook Mobile App integration on iOS and Android (the screenshots visible are iOS I’m assuming), except it doesn’t seem to be a Facebook Mobile App that anyone actually has access to. And the links for further screenshots of the app on Android and iOS don’t seem to work.

The developer-focused features presented here, including Bookmarking for apps, the flow from a Notification of a friend invite to a third-party app and App Search also reek of Spartan, which we’ve heard was built with the objective of getting developers to use Facebook as the distribution platform for games and other Facebook apps.

Could this just be a really fancy revamp of the existing Facebook Mobile App? Maybe, but if so it’s some revamp. I contacted Facebook for more information as to what exactly this is a while ago and they have yet to get back to me (or pull the page down), a fact which is interesting in and of itself.

In case they do eventually pull it down, I’ve included the entire page as a PDF below.

Update: Aaaaaaand it’s down. What took you guys so long?

Update 2: We’ve confirmed with multiple sources that this is indeed Spartan and that Facebook plans on unveiling the final product early next week.