Official Flickr App Arrives For Android

Being an Android user as well as a Flickr user has been dangerous territory for quite a long time now. There’s been no official app, and the third-party ones haven’t been too hot. Luckily for us, Yahoo has finally dropped a Flickr app that not only has their official blessing, but doesn’t suck at all.

It’s quite full-featured, not just a photostream browser. You can, of course, look at your own pictures or those of others, and the experience is pleasant and Flickr-y. You can even directly download the full-size images to email or use as wallpaper. The app starts up in your activity stream, though, where your recent favorites and so on are shown. Naturally nobody likes my photos, but I assume more accomplished photographers will welcome the easy access to recent comments and favorites.

There’s a nice little camera app in there, too. You can choose different aspect ratios, apply filters (named after places and imperfectly represented in the menu), add details, and send directly to social networks or email addresses. And naturally they go right into your Flickr account as well. Here’s one I took for demonstration purposes. It has the “Java” filter applied.

Not an Instagram-killer by any means, but again, Flickr lovers will like it. Unfortunately you can’t add to sets, which would be handy for keeping your mobile shots separate from your “real” pictures.

It’s a solid little app if you’ve got the bandwidth for it (you might want to use the wi-fi) and don’t need any of the more advanced features like groups and collections. Hopefully they’ll expand the community portion a little more in the next release. More screenshots and info can be found in the Android Market. The app is just called “Flickr” and is published by Yahoo Inc, in case it doesn’t show up for your search right away.