Mobile devs need to get to OverTheAir this week

I remember when OverTheAir was all just fields… Just kidding. This year Europe’s largest mobile developer event lands in the UK’s Bletchley Park, the home of the World War II code breakers. Appropriate.

From 9am September 30th to 5pm October 1st, up to 400 developers & designers from around the world will meet for 36 hours of non-stop mobile development. Based on the Hack Day model, attendees will share the space used to crack World War Two’s most complex codes.

In honour of the location, they are re-enacting WW2 over the two days, culminating in a live show on stage of the D-Day landings (if they’d taken place on Twitter, with mobile devices, loaded with pyrotechnics).

There will be over 100 talks from the world’s leading experts in mobile development and design. It will also host an O’Reilly Ignite event on the Friday night.