Microsoft Responds To Google’s Extortion Claim: “Waaaah.”

God I love this stuff. Microsoft’s head of communications, Frank Shaw, has just responded to Google’s “extortion” claims — on Twitter, of course.

This type of response is clearly Microsoft’s M.O. And we thank them for that. I’m sure someone from Google will hop on Twitter to respond as well.

These are serious claims, but neither side is clearly going to move on this. They both obviously think they’re right. More importantly, both think the other side’s stance is pure bullshit.

Below, Shaw’s response:

And more from Shaw:

He links to this post. Paragraph 5 reads:

We recognize that some businesses and commentators – Google chief among them – have complained about the potential impact of patents on Android and software innovation. To them, we say this: look at today’s announcement. If industry leaders such as Samsung and HTC can enter into these agreements, doesn’t this provide a clear path forward?

I’ll break this one down for Shaw: Google, pay up.